Rogue Trader: The Dark of Khalason

Ship's Logs #1
Departure from Port Crossroad, and into the voids of Khalason

The Distant Emissary arrived in Sector Khalason, anchoring at Port Crossroad to resupply and reprovision. There was heavy pilgrim traffic coming into port, many of the vessels being destined for the Shrine World of Salvorn-Alcion. His Honored Rogue Trader Eremiel Colaris deployed his agents to obtain information on the local sector, and to establish rights to colonization for several worlds. Claims were made on the worlds of Zeraken, Planet K-12-Alpha, and Galenior, and Salvage Rights were obtained on the Narlorn II wreckage field, and the West Trail asteroid belt.

While investigating trade opportunities, Lord-Captain Colaris determined that the Adeptus Mechanicus research outpost of Yurnal-Lambda required servitor subjects, and arranged with the Port Authorities to release 1500 prisoners from the station’s brig unto his own mercy, which was arranged. Sanctioned Xenos Shas’o Har’us escorted a column of prisoners, drawing strong disdain from them and requiring that he execute one to maintain order. Before departing the Port, Aelizabeth, Astropath-Transcendent of the Distant Emissary, made contact with the black market in the Belly of the Port, and was able to procure declassified Imperial Navy reports on Sector Xenos activities in exchange for rare and valuable xenos salvage that they find. Finally, Colaris also learned of the endeavor of a fellow and rival Rogue Trader, Markylaios Renkov, who was developing an industrial world on the edge of the Tytreic system.

As the vessel made ready to depart, ship security found around a hundred stowaway pilgrims who were unable to complete the last leg of their journey to Salvorn-Alcion, for their vessel had been impounded and their captain accused of trade asset embezzlement and document forgery. Eremiel agreed to take on the pilgrims, as well as several more, in exchange for payment. While most pilgrims could not offer much in the way of fares, Brother Darenol, a travelling missionary who hailed from Salvorn-Alcion, agreed to make contact with his MInistorum superiors for the grace and goodwill of the party. So settled, the vessel departed for Yurnal-Lambda to deliver the prisoners to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

After a harrowing Warp trip that involved braving the unstable currents of a full-blown Warp Storm, Navigator Eynesia Cialella miscalculated the Warp exit, as she was unable to see the Astronomicon’s light so far out in the Eastern Fringe, bringing the vessel back into realspace in a formerly unknown system the Trader Company named “Cialella’s Folly.” Surveys of the system revealed three worlds and an asteroid belt near the edge of the system. While investigating the second world for colony-viability and mineral concentration, the ship detected another vessel within the asteroid belt. This vessel turned out to be a Demiurg vessel, the Bastion-Class Commerce Vessel Striking Prospect. Agreements were made with the Prospect and its clan, the Strey-Lox, which was not affiliated with the Tau Empire, to split the system, as the Demiurg had no intentions of engaging in hostilities with the Imperium of Man. Having settled the Compact of Cialella’s Folly, the crew then traded foodstuffs from the ship’s extended stores and Arboretum for high-quality refined metals from the Demuirg vessel, before the vessel again departed.

This time, Navigator Cialella was far more true in her duty, and successfully brought the ship to the Adeptus Mechanicus research outpost of Yurnal-Lambda. With the prisoners at this point having been cataloged and earmarked as either colonist labor force members or servitor subjects, the trade for Mechanicus-grade medical technology, formerly used for the labor crew used to establish the post before all of them were converted to servitors, was concluded swiftly and efficiently. The party also managed to negotiate for high-grade Mechanicus Warp charts, in exchange for the promise of xenos salvage.

With the exchange complete, one final Warp jump was made, this time to the system of Salvorn-Alcion, to deliver the medical technology and the pilgrims. Upon arrival after a speedy Warp journey that Navigator Cialella expertly directed with aid from the charts, the Distant Emissary received a distress hail from the Jericho-class pilgrim vessel Deacon’s Light, which was under attack by a pair of raiders. A swift intervention by the Emissary decapitated one vessel by blasting open its bridge and venting its command crew into the void, and forced another vessel to surrender as hull integrity was severely weakened.


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